11grams is a futurist-inspired musical partnership between Simeon Fitzpatrick (Project K11, AUS) & Rob Early (Retrogramme, U.S.A).This Australian/American based duo have created an addictive Electro/Industrial/EBM/Synthpop style with catchy bass riffs, complex melodies and precise hi-tech musicianship.

Rob Early has established strong credibility amongst others in the electronic music scene, producing, mixing and remixing some top electronic artists worldwide. Simeon Fitzpatrick has worked with many musicians internationally, lending his unique style of electronic wizardry to various projects. Together these musical artists have forged tracks of influential stature. On New Years Eve 2015, 11Grams made their debut live performance in the Washington DC underground scene, only giving a taste of what is yet to come from their latest LP to be titled ‘Panacea’.

Contributing musicians include Wojciech Krol (Controlled Collapse), Roy Retrofit (Red This Ever, Statik Sekt), Nikk Allen (Retrogramme), Pietro Oliveri (PDR), Lisa Duse (Porta Vittoria). Remixers include Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Destroid), Wolf Aud (Digital Anodyne), Karl Lindburg (Gulit Trip), Pietro Oliveri (PDR), Christian Ryder (TourdeForce).